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In January 18, there will be a Sinulog Dance Presentation at 6:45pm and there will be a Tagalog mass at 7:00pm to celebrate the feast of Santo Niño. This event is also called Sinulog in the Philippines. Sinulog is a ritual prayer-dance honoring Señor Santo Niño or the Child Jesus. An image of the Child Jesus is said to be the baptismal gift the Portuguese conquistador Ferdinand Magellan gave Hara Amihan (Humanay) of Zebu (now Cebu) in April 1521. The image, believed to be miraculous, is housed at the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño in downtown Cebu City.

Today, the Sinulog commemorates the Filipino people’s acceptance of Christianity (specifically, Roman Catholicism), and their rejection of their former animist beliefs. The first of these conversions happened in 1521 on the island of Cebu, when Rajah Humabon and his queen Amihan (Humamay) were baptized along with their subjects, becoming Carlos and Juana of Cebu.

In St. Mark’s parish, aside from having a Tagalog mass, there will be dancing at the start of the mass and there will be a potluck at the end of the mass. We invite you to bring food and join us in this wonderful celebration.