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Saint Mark

Saint MarkSaint Mark the Evangelist, patron of our parish, was probably the first to start gathering and organizing the oral and written traditions about Jesus. He wrote the first Gospel.

Saint Mark was a man of extraordinary talents, talents brought to perfection by the Holy Spirit in the service of the Church. As a writer, he has a great eye for detail, and a gift for organizing his material effectively. His gospel is the shortest of the four – only sixteen chapters. Mark wrote some time between 55 A.D and 70 A.D., some twenty to thirty-five years after the death of Jesus. He wrote for the community of Christians, mostly converts from Judaism, and his gospel answers the question: “Who is Jesus?” We find the response to this question in the words of the Roman soldier on Calvary” “This was the son of God.”

St. Mark became the first bishop of Alexandria and he is honored as the founder of Christianity in Africa. The lion is the traditional symbol of St. Mark, who, with open mouth, boldly speaks the word of God, Jesus Christ, throughout the universe until the end of time.

We celebrate St. Mark’s feast on April 25th.


Saint MarkSt. Mark, the patron of our parish, provided the inspiration for the design of the church. His name and his writings denote boldness, simplicity and directness.

Approaching the exterior, the new building forms a low, flat base, from which rises the church building itself. Our eyes are drawn upward by the roof line to the cross high above. This is in keeping with the theme articulated by Henry Fernandes, the original architect in 1977.

Our new space is that of reverent simplicity. The building welcomes us to our place of worship in the Nave. This is our time for a new beginning. As we open the front door we enter an inviting space with rich carpet which offers two paths that can be taken. To the right is a tiled floor leading to rooms for day to day use. To the left, the carpet leads us to St. Mark’s statue. Tall white columns separate the windows and create a long corridor to draw us forward. As we proceed, the space grows ever larger to enter into a gathering area with large windows looking into the Sanctuary.

Approaching the open Nave doors, our eyes are once again drawn forward by deep burgundy carpet to focus on the altar. Lowering the altar allowed us to bring it forward and become closer to the congregation. The marble table symbolizes the sacrificial stone.

The Rock

Saint MarkSt. Mark's Roman Catholic Church was established around 1977 in Calgary, Alberta. During the summertime in 1977, when the church was being built, everyone gathered after Mass and began talking about a plaque or sign for the building. Originally, the plan was for brass nameplate embedded into a rock; however, that ended up being too expensive so it was eventually decided to use a stonecutter. Either way, the church needed a suitable rock, so Tony and Karel Puhan drove around that afternoon. In the area that is now 32 Avenue and 64 Street (east of Temple) they discovered a lot of sandstone formations; in particular, 3 blocks all stacked together – 2 small ones and the large one that ended up the block used for the church. Apparently, the smaller ones were also used.

Christian Resources

Here are some resources that can be viewed or downloaded to help you on your Christian journey:

Saint Mark88.9 Shine FM - A modern christian radio station with a mission to make a positive impact on peoples’ lives, offering encouragement through the gospel of Jesus Christ in song, praise and spoken word in a safe and fun radio environment. They also promote healthy Christian values and standards with an emphasis on traditional family values. If you are tired of listening to secular music, this is the place to tune-in.

Saint MarkBetter Books and Bibles - A christian bookstore that has a large selection of carry used, new and rare books in all categories to encourage you in your Christian walk. Thinking of gifts for the kids? they have christian comic bible books available. How about needing advice for dating or parenting in a Christian perspective? they got a book for that too. If you are not sure whether to buy a book or not, you can sit down at one of their tables and read the book before you buy.
The bookstore is located at 636 16th Ave NW, Calgary AB T2M 0J7. Google Maps

Saint MarkCathechism of the Catholic Church - The Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) contains all of the doctrines and teachings of the Church with extensive citations mainly from scriptures and biblical scholarship. It is made to deepen our knowledge of our faith as Roman Catholics and draw us closer to God. Children and young people are recommended to read the CCC under the direction of a catechist, teacher, or parent for guidance and wisdom.


Saint MarkHere are the schools that works with Saint Mark's Parish:
St. Mark, St. Martha, St. Rupert, St. Patrick, St. Rose of Lima, St. Kateri



(August 2018 to February 2020) Father Hyginus Ezugwu Associate Pastor

(August 2019 – November 2019) Father Lawrence Bagnall Administrator

(October 2016 – July 2019) Father Ed Hospet Pastor

(August 2017 – August 2018) Father Thomas Mallavarapu Associate Pastor

(August 2016 – June 2017)
Father Vijay Martin
Associate Pastor

(July 2010 – October 2016)
Father Malcolm D’Souza

(July 2015 - 2016)
Father Nelson Antao
Associate Pastor

(August 2009 – July 2015)
Father Eleuterio Gubiana
Associate Pastor

(August 2003 – July 2010)
Father Long Vu

(Fall 1973 – August 1984)
Father Eugene Cooney

(August 1976 – August 1979)
helped on Sundays in 1975
Father Dennis McDonald

(September 1979 – August 1984)
Father Keith Sorge
Associate Pastor

(August 1984 – August 1985)
Father Gratian Burkiciak

(August 1984 – August 1985)
Father Stefan Ganowicz

(August 1985 – August 1992)
Father Leonard Hagel

(August 1985 – July 1987)
Father Gilles LeBlanc
Associate Pastor

Pastoral Staff

(1980 – July 1996)
Deacon Amadeo Malate

(1973 – fall 1984)
Sister Alice Daley, fcJ

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(August 1987 – July 1989)
(August 1995 – July 2003)
Father Raul Ranola
Associate Pastor/ Pastor

(August 1989 – July 1990)
Father Benedicto Marino
Associate Pastor

(September 1992 – August 1995)
Father Bryan Frank

(September 1977 – July 1998)
Father Edwardo Bayani
Associate Pastor

(August 1998 – November 2002)
Father Andres Corral
Associate Pastor

(September 2001 – July 2002)
Father Laudemer Gapaz
Relief Pastor

(September 2003 – June 2005)
Father Tomy Manjaly

(May 2004 – July 2006)
Father Sajo Puthasery

(August 2006 – January 2007)
Father (Joseph) Sikamani Yambadi
Associate Pastor

(September 2008 – August 2009)
Father Phi Nguyen
Associate Pastor